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Wednesday 10/1/2014

Tuesday 9/30/2014

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Get off Grace you jones you waste of oxygen, talent and space.

I rarely do this, but you’ve earned it Minge, Please die.

Now I rarely wish death upon anyone. But you have earned it. Your shitty attitude, your lack of connectivity as a role model that inspires girls to act like twats. The way you’re doing nothing for Women’s equality; you’re song basically says “Girls need a big bum to be sexy?” DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW BACKWARDS YOU ARE? I MIGHT ASWELL RUN DOWN THE HALLS FOR EVERYONE TO BE SCREAMING “ANOREXIA IS THE WAY FORWARD, FAT IS BAD” or “BLONDE IS BETTER, BLACK HAIR IS SO FUCKING AWFUL ANYONE WHO HAS IT SHOULD CATCH SOME FORM OF TERMINAL ILLNESS”

Ughhhh you piss me off so bad. And I shouldn’t let you piss me off because I’ve never actually met you in person - but I detest you. You do nothing for anybody, so yes please “Where All my dogs at…Randy/ Get off my dick, bitch…Andy/…Go against me nowwwwwwww, I dare you…Bambi”

Whatever that’s supposed to fucking mean.

She doesn’t even rap well, write well or contri…

Okay I’m ranting I’ll just leave it there.


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When someone dumb says something dumb but you don&#8217;t want them to feel dumb so you just

When someone dumb says something dumb but you don’t want them to feel dumb so you just

When people do the kissing thing

When people do the kissing thing

I never should have told you
I never should have let you see inside
Don’t want a trouble in your mind 
Won’t you let it be

Sunday 9/28/2014

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Vance Joy; Georgia;

Happy and clean \o/

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Happy and clean \o/

smile like you mean it

Saturday 9/27/2014

I’d care if the person I reblogged this from committed suicide.

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Friday 9/26/2014

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Don’t let me get me